Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

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Dodge Dealership in Fort Saskatchewan

At St. Albert Dodge, we offer more than just Dodge vehicles. We promise quality and great service. We want to welcome you into the St. Albert Dodge family. From sturdy trucks to sleek sedans, we make your search easy and enjoyable.


Dode Dealer in Alberta

Your Trusted Dodge Dealership in Fort Saskatchewan

At St. Albert Dodge, we are proud to be the fort saskatchewan dodge dealer many trust. We have become a trusted dodge dealership by always putting our customers first. We shine in all we do, from the cars we sell to how we treat you.

Our team knows picking the right car is important. That's why we give you lots of info. When you visit, you'll meet our friendly staff. They are ready to help make your car search easy and fun. This way, you can focus on what's important—finding the perfect car for you.

Why Choose St. Albert Dodge Benefits
Vast Selection of Vehicles Wide range of new and used models to fit your preferences
Knowledgeable Staff Expert advice to aid your decision-making process
Customer-Centric Service Dedicated support that doesn't end after the sale
Convenient Location Easily accessible for residents of Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas

Let us show you why we stand out in Fort Saskatchewan. Find the joy of getting a Dodge perfect for you. With us by your side, finding your dream car at St. Albert Dodge is exciting and fulfilling.


Wide Selection of Dodge Vehicles in Fort Saskatchewan

Our dealership celebrates the spirit of open roads. We have a wide selection of Dodge vehicles in Fort Saskatchewan. We meet the needs of all customers with our range of cars.

From city lovers to outdoor adventurers, we have Dodge cars Fort Saskatchewan folks will love.


Discover the Latest Dodge Cars Fort Saskatchewan Has to Offer

You will love our new Dodge models if you like the latest tech and sleek designs. These cars offer comfort and amazing technology. Enjoy every drive as more than just a ride.

Discover the perfect Dodge truck that matches your style and needs.


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Find Your Ideal  Ram in Fort Saskatchewan

Our Ram trucks symbolize strength and durability. They are perfect for Fort Saskatchewan's tough terrain. These trucks are great for towing, hauling, or just driving around.

Let us help you find the Dodge Ram that goes beyond your needs.


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Experience Unmatched Power with the Dodge Charger Fort Saskatchewan

The Dodge Charger models we have are all about power. Driving a Dodge Charger in Fort Saskatchewan is thrilling. These cars have great power and top-notch safety features.

They don't just move you. They push you forward safely and stylishly.


Used Dodge Vehicles for Every Budget and Style

At St. Albert Dodge, we're proud of our pre-owned Dodge cars. They fit all budgets and styles. When you look for a Dodge in Fort Saskatchewan, you want more than just a car. You want something that suits your life perfectly. We're excited to help you find the right one. Our cars are checked carefully to make sure they are safe, perform well, and are reliable.


Vehicle Model Year Price Range Mileage Inspection Status
Dodge Grand Caravan 2018 $20,000 - $25,000 60,000 km Fully Inspected
Dodge Journey 2017 $15,000 - $20,000 50,000 km Fully Inspected
Dodge Challenger 2019 $35,000 - $40,000 30,000 km Fully Inspected
Dodge Durango 2016 $25,000 - $30,000 70,000 km Fully Inspected


Buying a car is a big deal. That's why our team makes sure each Dodge is perfect. From the powerful Dodge Challenger to the cozy Dodge Grand Caravan, each one is ready for new adventures in Fort Saskatchewan. Whether it's cold or warm outside, we want you to be happy with your Dodge.


  • Each vehicle comes with a detailed history report for full transparency.
  • Variety of financing options to suit your economic comfort.
  • Knowledgeable staff to help you navigate the features and benefits of each model.


Come and see us. Check out the Dodge cars Fort Saskatchewan loves. Find the right mix of quality and value with us. Let's start a new journey together with your next Dodge.


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Financing Made Easy at Fort Saskatchewan Dodge Dealer

At our Fort Saskatchewan Dodge dealer, financing is simple. We offer solutions that fit what you need. You'll find many financing options here to make buying a Dodge easy. This way, you can enjoy your new Dodge without worrying about the details.


Competitive Financing Options for Your Dodge Purchase

We provide many financing options for our customers. We aim to create plans that match your budget and life. With different lenders, we offer unique terms suited for you. This makes getting a Dodge possible. Lease or finance, you'll get a great deal in Fort Saskatchewan.


Understanding Your Financing Choices for Dodge Vehicles

Our finance experts at St. Albert Dodge focus on clear information. We explain all your financing options. Knowing all the details helps you make a choice that fits your future goals. We give your Dodge purchase the special attention it needs.


Financing Option Benefits Considerations
Lease Lower monthly payments, Latest models, Warranty coverage Mileage limits, Vehicle condition requirements
Finance to Own Ownership of vehicle, No mileage restrictions, Customization freedom Higher monthly payments, Full responsibility for maintenance
Finance to Lease Option to buy after lease, Lower payments than financing Initial lease terms still apply, Decision to buy at lease end


>>Visit Our Financing Page Here<<


Car Service and Authentic Parts for Your Dodge Vehicle

At St. Albert Dodge, we work hard to give top-notch Dodge vehicle service. Our experts know your Dodge really well. We only use authentic Dodge parts to keep your car running great. Here's how:


  • Our techs always learn about new Dodge fixes and parts. This keeps your car in great shape.
  • We have lots of authentic Dodge parts. This means quick repairs for you.
  • Every Dodge vehicle service follows the car's official guide. This keeps your Dodge perfect.


service and parts


Keeping your Dodge in shape can seem hard. So, we made a simple plan to help you:


Service Features Your Benefits
Authentic Dodge Parts Dependable performance and perfect fit
Expert Technicians Trusted, precision-based servicing
Convenient Scheduling Minimal disruption to your routine
Transparent Pricing No surprises and competitive rates


We're very dedicated to great Dodge vehicle service and authentic Dodge parts. Trust us with your Dodge. We'll make sure it keeps making you happy.


Fort Saskatchewan Car Services and Repair

Our dealership offers top-notch Mopar certified service for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and FIAT vehicles in Edmonton. We provide quality vehicle repairs, oil changes, and tire replacements.

Some dealerships also offer Lemon law support and warranty assistance. The Capital dealership has a modern service department with multiple bays for efficient vehicle maintenance services.

At St. Albert Dodge, customers can access auto body repairs and genuine parts for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends to our meticulous vehicle servicing options.

Our dealership provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for all Dodge vehicles.


Take Advantage of Our Featured Specials on Dodge Vehicles

At St. Albert Dodge, we're excited to show our customers featured specials on Dodge vehicles. You can find great Dodge dealership savings with us. These deals help you get a Dodge for a good price. Now is a great time to look at our specials and find the best Dodge for you.

  • Exceptional pricing on the latest Dodge models
  • Limited-time offers on highly sought-after vehicles
  • Additional savings on top of already competitive prices

We pick our featured specials to give you the best deals. Maybe you want the power of a Dodge Charger or need a Dodge Journey for its space. Our specials cover different models to match what you need.




Where can I find a reputable Dodge dealership in Fort Saskatchewan?

Visit St. Albert Dodge at 11116 88th Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, T8L 3K8. They have a wide selection of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles for every need.


What types of Dodge vehicles are available at St. Albert Dodge?

They offer many Dodge vehicles, including new models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Looking for a Dodge Ram, Dodge Charger, or Dodge Durango? They’ve got you covered.


Are there financing options available for Dodge vehicles at the Fort Saskatchewan dealership?

Yes, they offer great financing options. The team at St. Albert Dodge will work with you to find good terms. They help with both leasing and buying.

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