Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

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Specialty Finance Department

Credit is a word that in Latin literally means "To Trust." But with so many advertisements promising you financing approvals, and improved credit, who can you trust?

Why should you trust St. Albert Dodge to help you in financing a vehicle? Beyond the fact that we have an immensely skilled team of finance experts our motto here comes down to three key attributes; Credibility, Integrity, and Loyalty. Our goal here at St. Albert Dodge is to turn you into a lifetime customer through exceptional and professional service.

Credit and financing can be uncomfortable subjects for many people. Here at St. Albert Dodge our team is here to help you fix past mistakes all while getting you into a vehicle and financing option that fits the needs of you, and your family. We want to earn your business, and when we successfully do, we want you to refer your friends and family.

Special Finance Department

At the all new St. Albert Dodge we are part of a much larger organization, working closely with our devoted and passionate specialty financing team you will experience a pleasant "community" environment, all while taking full advantage of the vast resources and inventory that are available to us in the "Priced Right Family".

We are committed to keeping the relationships with our customers that we develop. Our lines of communication are always open, give us a call, text or email. We are waiting to help you.

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