Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

Let us help get you into your dream vehicle. Get Approved Now

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Jeep Dealership in Edmonton

Exploring Edmonton's terrains is thrilling in a Jeep. Our premier Jeep dealership fuels your passion. You'll find a wide selection of new Jeeps for sale. They're ready for your next adventure. At the Edmonton Jeep dealer, our experienced team will guide you. We offer more than just a ride. Our Jeeps promise endless experiences. Connect with us to start your journey the right way.


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Welcome to Your Premier Jeep Dealership in Edmonton

We are not just good, we set the standard at Sherwood Dodge Chrysler Jeep. We're known as the best Jeep dealership around. We serve the Sherwood Park, AB community with top-notch cars and a friendly touch. Here, we do more than just sell cars; we team up with you on your car journey. We offer many new and used cars, proving we're a top rated Jeep dealer in Edmonton.

You might wonder why choose us? It's simple - we offer variety and quality. Our showroom has a big range of certified Jeep vehicles and other brands. Here, you'll find the perfect car for city streets or outdoor adventures.

We promise to always have a wide selection of cars for you to see.

Choosing a car is a big deal. It should match who you are. As the leading Jeep dealer, we're here to help you find that perfect car. Come see why our customers say we're the best Jeep dealership. Let us make your car dreams come true with our outstanding service.


Explore Our Wide Selection of New Jeeps for Sale

Are you an adventure lover or just need a car for daily use? Our showroom in Edmonton is your go-to place. Here, we have a wide range of new Jeeps. They are perfect for anyone who wants strength and beauty in a car. We've made sure your Jeep search is personalized and fun.

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Find The Latest Jeep Models In Our Showroom

We proudly offer the newest Jeep models. You can find the classic Jeep Wrangler, the luxurious Grand Cherokee, or the versatile Compass here. All our Edmonton guests can explore Jeep's latest features and timeless designs.


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Competitive Prices and Exceptional Deals

We understand you want good value for your money. That's why we offer great prices and deals. Our inventory has deals that make owning a Jeep easy. You won't need to look further than our Edmonton dealership for great prices and quality.


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Customize Your New Jeep with Accessories and Packages

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Making your new Jeep unique is easy with our huge selection of Jeep parts in Edmonton. Whether you want to improve your Jeep's look or its performance, we can help. We offer official accessories and packages, supported by expert service in Edmonton.


Model Starting Price Features Available Accessories
Jeep Wrangler  $43,790 Removable Roof, Off-Road Ready  Lift Kits, Custom Bumpers
Jeep Grand Cherokee  $57,537 Luxury Interiors, Advanced Technology  Roof Racks, Premium Sound System
Jeep Compass  $38,690 Efficient Performance, Intuitive Infotainment  Custom Wheels, All-Weather Mats


Discover Quality Pre-Owned Jeeps in Edmonton

We know how much you value good deals and quality. That's why our pre-owned Jeeps Edmonton loves are the best around. Every Jeep is checked to make sure it's great. And our certified Jeep vehicles offer even more peace of mind with special checks and warranty options.

Need Jeep service Edmonton drivers? Our experts are here to help. They can do everything from regular check-ups to big repairs. We use real Jeep parts to keep your car running well. Come see why we're a top Jeep dealer in Edmonton.

  • Carefully selected, high-quality pre-owned Jeep models
  • Competitive pricing and a transparent buying experience
  • Comprehensive Jeep service Edmonton residents trust
  • Extensive range of certified Jeep vehicles



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Financing Options at Our Edmonton Jeep Dealer

Choosing the right financing options is important at Sherwood Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Our expert finance team is here to help you. They will guide you through leasing or loans to find what works best for you. We work with many financial institutions. This helps us get you good terms that match your life.


Understanding Your Car Loan and Leasing Choices

Choosing between a loan and a lease is a big decision. Our experts are focused on teaching you about both options. Leasing might mean lower payments and getting a new Jeep more often. Buying means you own the car and there are no mileage limits. We want you to be confident in your choice.


Streamlined Finance Application Process

We know your time is precious. That's why our finance application is quick and easy. You can apply and get approved fast. We make it simple to pick your car and start driving. You'll know you're getting a great deal at our Jeep dealership in Edmonton. This makes starting your Jeep journey easy and stress-free.


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Services Offered

We provide vehicle maintenance and repair services to keep your car in top condition. Our dealership also offers a wide range of parts and accessories for customization.


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Edmonton Car Services and Repair

Our dealership offers top-notch Mopar certified service for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and FIAT vehicles in Edmonton. We provide quality vehicle repairs, oil changes, and tire replacements.

Some dealerships also offer Lemon law support and warranty assistance. The Capital dealership has a modern service department with multiple bays for efficient vehicle maintenance services.

At St. Albert Dodge, customers can access auto body repairs and genuine parts for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends to our meticulous vehicle servicing options.

Our dealership provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for all Dodge vehicles.


Parts and accessories

Our dealership has a wide selection of OEM parts and accessories, including Mopar certified service for repairs, oil changes, and tire replacements. A dealership in Edmonton also carries various Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ram vehicle parts for sale.

St. Albert Dodge Dodge offers official OEM parts and accessories through their dedicated department.

Discover the ideal parts and accessories for your vehicle at our dealership. Improve your car's performance with our wide variety of quality parts and trendy accessories. Elevate your driving experience with choices such as all-weather mats, roof racks, or tech gadgets.




What types of vehicles can I find at your Jeep dealership in Edmonton?

You can find new and used vehicles at our dealership. We have the latest Jeep models and certified pre-owned Jeeps. We also have Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram vehicles for different preferences and needs.

Why is your Jeep dealership considered one of the best in Edmonton?

We're known for top-rated customer service and competitive pricing. We have excellent deals and a wide selection of certified Jeep vehicles. Our focus on customer satisfaction makes us a trusted name in the community.

Can I customize a new Jeep when purchasing from your dealership?

Absolutely! You can personalize your new Jeep with many accessories and packages. Our team will help customize your vehicle to match your style and needs. We make sure each Jeep is as unique as its owner.

What assurances do I get when buying a pre-owned Jeep from your Edmonton dealership?

Our pre-owned Jeeps are thoroughly inspected and certified. Choosing our dealership means getting a reliable Jeep at a great price.

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