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Dodge Challenger Last Call: Farewell Edition

Dodge Challenger Last Call: Farewell Edition


It's a big moment for muscle car fans. Some feel sad, others excited. They wonder, what's next after such an age of great cars? The Dodge Challenger Last Call is not just goodbye. It is also a thank you to the passion behind these powerful cars. Dodge has introduced this special lineup. It's sure to make a lasting mark on the history of muscle cars. Get ready to see the final chapter of the Challenger. People all around the world can't wait to celebrate this last edition.



Key Takeaways

  • The Dodge Challenger Last Call signifies the end-of-the-line for one of the most revered muscle car series.
  • This farewell edition honors the muscle car legacy with unique design elements and powerful performance.
  • An exclusive release, the Last Call edition, is a must-have for collectors and afficionados.
  • Limited edition models will feature signature traits of historic Challenger vehicles.
  • Dodge ensures the grand finale of the Challenger dazzles, leaving an everlasting roar in the automotive world.


A Tribute to the Dodge Challenger Legacy

We honor the Dodge Challenger's special edition cars. These cars have thrilled fans for years. As Challenger production ends, each rare model is a tribute to American muscle history.

End of an Era for Dodge Muscle

The dodge challenger final production models are unique. They hold the spirit of power and freedom of muscle cars. This goodbye is a chance for collectors to hold a piece of history. Each comes with a plaque that shows its unique value.

Icons of Power: The Signature Challenger Models Over the Years

Since its start, the Dodge Challenger led the muscle car scene. It launched special editions that boosted performance and style. Looking back at Challenger models over time, Dodge's dedication to excellence shines.

Special Edition Builds: A Collector's Dream

Each Dodge Challenger collector’s edition car reflects its time. These vehicles offer fans a piece of unique history. Models like the SRT® Demon 170 and the Black Ghost Special Edition are not just transport. They are masterpieces.


Model Special Features Production Limited To
Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon 170 1,025 horsepower on E85 fuel TBA
Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition Faux-gator-skin roof graphic, additional horsepower boost 300
Dodge Challenger Shakedown Special Edition Shaker hood, MOPAR cold-air intake 1,000
Dodge Challenger Swinger Special Edition Green and gold accents, nostalgic design elements 70


Say Hello to the "Last Call" Commemorative Editions

We are proud to show you the Dodge Challenger rare version. It's a special "Last Call" edition. Each dodge challenger unique model shows Dodge's history and modern touches. Car lovers in Canada will adore them.

These editions make the Dodge Challenger even more special. Here's why they are so loved:


  • They have special badges and plaques. This shows their importance in Dodge's story.
  • Old designs blend with new looks beautifully.
  • The cars perform better than ever before.


These cars are not just fast. They bring back memories but are also unique. Owning a Dodge Challenger rare version is special. As they become available, we start a new chapter in car history.



Model Special Features Performance Specs
"Last Call" Commemorative Edition Exclusive 'Last Call' badging, unique interior appointments Performance varies by model
Limited Production Model Limited edition paint finishes, commemorative plaques Supercharged engine with horsepower unique to edition
Collector's Dream Model Historic design elements, modern luxurious touches Track-tuned dynamics, exceptional horsepower and torque



These commemorative editions mix power with style. It's rare. For Dodge fans, having one is like owning treasure.

We can't wait to see the excitement when these cars are released. They mark an end but celebrate the Dodge Challenger legend.


dodge last call


Relive the Legacy with Classic and New Paint Finishes

We are saying goodbye to the Dodge Challenger. We admire the return of classic paint finishes remembering its history. This mix of old and new colors makes 2023 special. The "Last Call" edition brings back beloved shades. They are as famous as the car itself. It's our shout-out to fans, mixing the past and future.



Classic Shade Description New Release Variant
B5 Blue A vibrant splash of heritage, B5 Blue remains a symbol of muscle car royalty. Modern B5 Blue Pearl
Sublime Bright and bold, Sublime is the epitome of Dodge's adventurous spirit. Sublime Green
Plum Crazy This deep, rich purple is synonymous with Dodge's playful and rebellious side. Updated Plum Crazy Pearl
Go Mango Go Mango ignites the Challenger's canvas with a fiery, iconic hue that turns heads. New Go Mango Tint



We are doing more than just bringing back old colors; we're giving them a new twist. Every color is chosen with care. It's to honor history but look to the future. These colors cover the last Dodge Challenger exclusive release. They make the 2023 line more special. So, we're ready for one last amazing drive with these paints.


To us, this is not just about a car. It's about a lasting legacy. With these paints, your Challenger tells stories. It becomes a time machine, a treasure of our shared adventures. The "Last Call" colors are not just for looks. They promise to keep the Challenger story going for future fans.



The Beast Unleashed: Introducing the SRT® Demon 170

dodge challenger

We're really excited to talk about the SRT Demon 170. It's part of the dodge challenger final edition lineup. This car isn't just another one in the line; it tops them all. It shows off the best in power and new tech.


Unprecedented Horsepower in Dodge's History

The SRT Demon 170's engine is super strong. It has more power than any Dodge before. With 1,025 horsepower, it really impresses everyone. Not only is it powerful, but it's also super fast. It can do a quarter-mile in just 8.9 seconds.


Interiors Designed for Peak Performance

The Demon 170's inside is designed for the best driving experience. Every part of the cockpit is made for fast driving. The seats are comfy yet simple, focusing on the drive.

It has carbon fiber and a special steering wheel for a luxury feel. This mix of luxury and performance is perfect for those who love driving.



The Return of the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is one of the coolest muscle cars ever. It's like the famous 1970 Challenger but super modern. It has the amazing SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody setup. This car is really powerful and looks great. The Black Ghost shows how awesome American muscle cars are.


This car is special because it shows respect for history but is also very new. It's inspired by the old Black Ghost but has more power. It also has cool black paint and a faux-gator roof. These things make the car stand out today.



Feature Description
Model Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition
Base Platform SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody
Paint Color Pitch Black
Roof Graphic Faux-Gator Skin
Horsepower Boost +10 HP on standard SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody



When this car's engine roars, it reminds us why it's so special. The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is not just any car. It makes you feel something deep. It's like driving a piece of history. Join in and feel the thrill of driving such a legendary car.



Design Meets Power: The Challenger Shakedown Special Edition

We introduce the Challenger Shakedown Special Edition. It comes from a Dodge Product Design Office Concept. It mixes heritage-inspired design with unmatched power. The 2023 model stands out with its powerful look and performance.

The Challenger Shakedown Special Edition is a bold statement in the Dodge lineup. You can choose from the R/T Scat Pack or the R/T Scat Pack Widebody models. It brings back the thrill of American muscle cars. Whether you prefer the grey 5.7L coupe or the powerful black 6.4L widebody, each offers an exciting journey.


Imagine feeling the 485 horsepower engine roar to life. This engine takes the Shakedown from zero to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. If you pick the six-speed manual transmission, you get to feel every shift and touch of the throttle. It's like being in the muscle car glory days.

The Dodge Challenger is more than just a car; it's a cultural icon that represents a passion for speed, power, and bold design.


We adore the rumble and look of muscle cars like the Challenger Shakedown Special Edition. Its red and black exterior is eye-catching. The engine is tuned perfectly. It makes muscle car fans excited and gets nods from those who know its history.


We're honoring a legendary brand and inviting you to experience the Dodge Challenger Shakedown Special Edition. Every drive is a tribute to the muscle cars we've always loved. It's pure power on the road. Let's keep celebrating the Challenger's legendary story together.




Nostalgia Reimagined: The Challenger Swinger and Blacktop® Editions

The latest Dodge muscle cars bring us the Challenger Swinger and Blacktop® Editions. They mix old car styles with new features. They aim to offer the best of past and present on the road.

Swinger Special Edition: An Ode to the 70s

The Challenger Swinger takes us back to the 70s. This was when muscle cars were the kings of the road. It adds today's tech to yesterday's looks, giving drivers the best of both worlds.


This edition brings back the fun and power of the original. It makes driving as exciting as before, but with modern improvements.

Blacktop® Performance: More Than Just a Dark Theme

The Blacktop® Edition is different from the Swinger. It has a bold, dark look and feels tougher. It boosts the performance of SXT and GT RWD models with better suspension.


Driving the Challenger Blacktop® is a unique experience. It blends Dodge’s rich history with new engineering. This makes it both elegant and powerful.


We are proud to mix our muscle car history with new designs and power. The Challenger Swinger and Blacktop® Editions are perfect examples. They combine old school cool with modern muscle car fun.



dodge st albert challenger


Exclusive Release Insights: Performance and Design Highlights

We're super excited about the Dodge Challenger exclusive release. These cars are not just cool looks but also amazing to drive. They show what makes the "Last Call" editions top in muscle car innovation.

The SRT Demon 170 is a key part of this awesome lineup. It shows Dodge's work to go further. Here's a table of the top performance features of these popular models:



Model Exclusive Features Horsepower Special Edition Elements
SRT Demon 170 E85 Compatible HEMI Engine 1,025 HP Alcantara Steering Wheel, Carbon Fiber Accents
Black Ghost Pitch Black Paint, Gator-Skin Roof Graphic 807 HP Increased Boost Pressure
Shakedown Red and Black Design, Available Manual Transmission 485 HP Special Decals
Swinger Retro Paint Options, Heritage-Inspired Badges 375 HP Performance-Tuned Suspension, Upgraded Brake System
Blacktop® Blacked-Out Badges and Wheels 303 HP High-Performance Suspension, Steering Wheel Paddle Shifters



We love the creativity in Dodge's last muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger exclusive release shows the best of American car making. From huge power to cool details, the "Last Call" series aims to excite. With each version, the Dodge Challenger's strong legacy lives on, ending with a very special series.




We are at a big moment in car history as we say goodbye to the Dodge Challenger. This goodbye is a big cheer for a car that has changed the muscle car world. The Dodge Challenger Final Edition is a special version that shows off American engineering.


This "Last Call" series is a mix of old memories and new technology. Owning one of these cars means you love the sound and power of classic cars. The Dodge Challenger has always chased after better performance and style. This chase has excited car fans and collectors for a long time.


Every time the engine of the Dodge Challenger starts, it leaves a lasting memory. The final versions are like statues celebrating a great adventure. As these special cars come out, Dodge invites everyone to celebrate an important time in car history.


What is the Dodge Challenger "Last Call" edition?

The Dodge Challenger "Last Call" edition marks the end of this muscle car's production. It includes special models that celebrate the Challenger's long history. Unique versions and models are part of this series.

Which special editions are included in the "Last Call" series?

Included in the "Last Call" series are special editions like the SRT® Demon 170. Also, the Black Ghost, Shakedown, and Swinger Special Editions. Each has a unique part of Dodge's muscle car story.

Will the "Last Call" Challengers feature unique paint finishes?

Yes! "Last Call" Challengers will have classic and new colors. Colors like Destroyer Gray, Plum Crazy, B5 Blue, and Sublime are included. They honor the car's old times and celebrate the last production.

How powerful is the SRT® Demon 170 within the "Last Call" lineup?

The SRT® Demon 170 is very strong, with 1,025 horsepower. It uses an E85 fuel HEMI® engine. This car can do a quarter-mile in just 8.9 seconds, showcasing Dodge's best engineering in the "Last Call" series.

What is the inspiration behind the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition?

This edition honors a famous 1970 Challenger, known for winning street races in Detroit. It's based on the SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. With Pitch Black paint and special graphics, it mixes old charm with power.

Can you tell me more about the Challenger Shakedown Special Edition?

The Shakedown Special Edition celebrates the original Dodge concept car, now a 2023 model. It's available in R/T Scat Pack and Widebody, has 485 hp, and goes from zero to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Its design is bold in red and black.

What features distinguish the Challenger Swinger and Blacktop® Editions?

The Swinger Special Edition brings back the 70s vibe but with today's power. The Blacktop® Package, for SXT and GT RWD models, focuses on looks and driving. It has "345" badges, a performance suspension, and more for fun driving.

Are the "Last Call" edition Dodge Challengers a good investment?

Yes, they are. Collectors and fans are excited about these cars. With their limited numbers and special features, they're expected to be popular and may grow in value.

When will the Dodge Challenger "Last Call" editions be available for purchase?

Dodge hasn't said when the "Last Call" editions will be out. They'll be part of the 2023 models. Keep in touch with Dodge dealers for news on when you can buy them.

How can I ensure I get a Dodge Challenger "Last Call" edition?

To get a "Last Call" edition Challenger, stay in touch with Dodge dealerships. Also, follow Dodge news, and be ready to move fast. These limited cars will be in high demand

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